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Websites development

What kind of web page do you need?

Most of all, you need the professional one. Website is your digital business card. 70% of potential customers and business partners will make the first check of your company scrolling your page. It's a quick way that delivers a high portion of the information on your topic. What's more, you have a significant impact on making a well first impression.

Secondly, a website should look well both on personal computers and mobile devices. Researches show that 67% of people browse the internet using their "pocket" devices. That's why it's so important to develop pages adapting the "mobile-first" approach.

Finally, the page should load fast. It allows impressing the people that visit you the first time. It also prevents leaving your website before displaying the content you want to present. The glad clients will even more often back to you to use your services.

How do we work?

Every client is someone special to us. We are designing the graphical side of the webpage according to the client's business type and preferences. The most important part for us is to achieve the best possible final effect. It should bring an intuitive and well-looking page, that can be presented with pride by our customers. In the development process, we are using the newest trends in technology to deliver fast and secure web pages to our customers. Dependent on your budget, we can offer you something very sophisticated or something a little simpler but also very functional. Despite development, we can offer you support in deployment and ensure basic optimization that brings visibility in search engines like Google.
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